Five other real life wrestling relationships that ended in disaster after John Cena’s shock split with WWE superstar Nikki Bella

Yet another sign of having used anabolic steroids is gynecomastia or man boobs. This is because a high level of testosterone in the body resulting from using anabolic steroids converts readily to estrogen resulting in water retention and the development of man boobs. Back in 2006, he had a freak accident that resulted in a torn tricep. It’s worth noting that at that time, Batista was at the peak of his WWE career.

  • After not too long, Cena began getting over with his entertaining raps.
  • Chris Masters left WWE shortly after his second suspension to return two years later in 2009.
  • We start out briefly covering Cena’s childhood and upbringing.
  • He said there was only one man he wanted to face at WrestleMania because he knows what that match means to him.

Brock Lesnar was arrested in 2001 after authorities discovered he was in possession of a large amount of steroids. He was charged with possession of a legal growth hormone, but that charge was later dropped due to his legal status. In 2011, while hunting in Alberta, he was fined $1,725 for improperly tagging an animal.

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Since making his pro wrestling debut, he has defeated some of the best wrestlers in the business, including John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Seth Rollins. Given that credentials like this are required, one wonders how much money The Head of the Table makes each year as a WWE employee. Roman Reigns is currently the highest-paid WWE Superstar, but he isn’t the only one. Top WWE stars such as Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, and Becky Lynch are not among the highest paid stars.

  • We hear about the tenure of Bruno Sammartino at the helm of the company and his reign as champion.
  • – Amongst WWE’s loaded 2002 class (Cena, Orton, Batista, Lesnar, etc), Rico Constantino was considered the sure-fire star at the time.
  • In regards to Cena catching the eye of the brass, Bruce says its all about timing.
  • Even though Batista is known to have confessed that he took steroids for medical reasons, he is known to have taken them for a short period.
  • So this once again throws light on the potential usage of steroids.

He made his professional debut in NXT and has since risen to prominence, appearing in multiple WWE pay-per-view events over the last decade. He has a bright future ahead of him and he will undoubtedly increase his net worth by doing more endorsement deals and increasing his salary. Seth Rollins has a net worth of $9 million, and his earnings have come from in-ring performances, character appearances, and appearances. Because his contract is set to expire in a few months, it’s unlikely that WWE will let him go.

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Like Bray, Del Rio, and Rusev, it could prove a career killer. Styles was already phenomenal – everyone knows that, of course – but beating Cena clean in a match of the year candidate at SummerSlam was a landmark moment for Styles in WWE. Even Hulk Hogan – the blueprint for the Cena persona – had the grit to get himself embroiled in the odd steroids scandal. It’s a return to the kind of thing that caused fans to turn on him in the first place – steamrolling through opponents and stopping their momentum dead.

Brian Christopher (Grandmaster Sexay)

With WWE also buying ECW, the roster became bigger than ever, and the brand extension is then brought up, with RAW and Smackdown being treated as separate and unique brands with separate rosters. John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton, Edge and other guys who hit the big-time in the mid-00’s are the talking heads here, discussing how the brand split allowed them to become big stars and main event performers. It’s not a perfect documentary, but it would need to be at least twenty or more hours for it to even begin to cover all, what fans consider, to be the important moments in WWE history. The biggest problem here is the exclusion of Vince McMahon.

Theory began taunting Cena on social media and on RAW ahead of time. Cena Cena has yet to respond to the troll attempt, despite a tweet that was sent to thwart it. The WCW buyout is up next, with different guys talking about how it felt to be involved during that time.

What’s life like for Bret Hart these days? What are you up to?

He was caught by Cena dumping a shot John had bought for him into a plant. As a result, he was forced to do a double shot followed by many more rounds of shots. Bruce says this is the only time in his entire career he ever overslept and missed a flight. Bruce says some of the guys didn’t want to go over there and others did and that Cena absolutely loved to do it.

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The fans might still sing “John Cena sucks” when he hits the ring, but now that’s just part of the pantomime. All the news, entertainment, sport and fun stuff you love about the Daily Star, brought to you by our American team. Details of the incident were not revealed until days later when it was confirmed that Benoit killed his wife and child before committing suicide.